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Five ponds and two rivers welcome you on the property



The concept is very simple. For the purchase of 40 kg of fish minimum per weekend and 80 kg per week, you have exclusive use of the eight fishing sites during your stay at the watermill. Place your fish order at the same time you make your reservation and specify if you require additional services such as fishing equipment or bait. The day of your arrival, we release the fish in your presence in the pond or river of your choice:


1) The small pond in front of the mill, 400 m2


2) Etang de Brotz, beautiful pond of two hectares and a half


3) Etang neuf, marshy pond of one and a half hectare


4) Etang Judicaël, 3000 m2


5) Etang Fredo, located near the mill, 6500 m2


6) The brook trout, very entrenched stream that provides a winding fishing route of 200 meters in the mill park.


7) You can also ask us to let your fish out in the Jambée. The Jambée is a public river, so you must hold a fishing license. We suggest Fario trout because it does not go too far from the launch point and thus increase your catch rate.


You can if you want spread your fish stock over several fishing sites.

We sell equipment and bait on location, you can of course bring your own. Rainbow trout will be charged 8.50 Euros per kilo. If you want Fario trout, salmon fountains, Gold, sturgeon and carp, contact us for a detailed quote.


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