Château de Miserai

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kitchenware and what kitchen equipment is provided at Chateau and Watermill ?

Silverware, plates, bowls, glasses, mugs for 16 people in Chateau, for 12 people in Moulin 

Standard sized oven, dishwasher, microwave in chateau and watermill, standard sized refrigerator in chateau with three large drawer bottom freezer, standard sized refrigerator with small top shelf freezer in watermill. All essentials for cooking.

Can / bottle openers and cork screws.

One coffee maker in chateau, one in watermill (both ground coffee), and kettles.

One Charcoal barbecue at Chateau, one charcoal barbecue at watermill. Charcoal is not provided but available at local stores.

What equipment do you have for babies?
Chateau ; One travel cot, one wooden cot, two high chairs, Watermill ; One travel cot, Guest house ; One wooden cot

Are there washing machines?
Washing machines are not accessible to guests.

We are a small group renting for a birthday party – where can we spend our evening, and can we make noise?
For groups of no more than 30, the Hunt Room can be used for your party. There is an Alexa and a speaker where you can plug in your IPod/IPhone. There must be no noise outdoors (yells, music) after 22h. After 22h you must keep the music indoors, be sure to close all doors and windows of the Hunt Room out of courtesy for our neighbors. 

When can we visit the property to decide if the venue it right for us?
Due to time constraints, we only allow visits for wedding receptions. We do visits during the week when the property is not rented. Please contact us to arrange a time that suits. One visit per couple is permitted.  For all other rentals, please see our virtual tour.

Where can we do our food shopping? 
For smaller groups Intermarché Contact, Longny au Perche: 6 miles and Carrefour, Tourouvre: 5 miles. For large groups or longer stays,  Super U or Intermarché in Mortagne au Perche: 15 miles

Get your groceries online in Mortagne at Super U Drive .

At what time can we come in and how late can we stay?
Week-long holiday lets and all weddings ; 18h check in, 10h check-out.  Week-end holiday lets ; 18h check-in, 15h check-out However, we are flexible and will try to accommodate you as best as possible.

Who takes care of cleaning?
The lodgings, tent and barn must be left as you found them, bins emptied and everything back in its place. You are responsible for all cleaning. We reserve the right to keep your security deposit should we feel the property is not left in an acceptable state. 

Why do we have to clean if we pay a fee?

The fee covers the cost of cleaning the linens, towels etc. and the preparation of the bedrooms for the following guests. For this reason, we require that you leave the property clean as you found it, with all chairs and furniture where they were when you found them. We reserve the right to keep your security deposit should we feel the property is not left in an acceptable state. 

What are the consequences of cancellations?
A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the rental price is required upon booking. The balance is payable no later than 30 days before rental. If you cancel you lose your deposit, if you cancel within 30 days you lose the entire fee. 

Can we bring our pets?
No animals are allowed in the buildings, including the lodgings. We have a kennel on site for dogs.  

Specific for Events

Can we organize an after-wedding day?

Can we have the room the day before to decorate, install equipment and bring supplies?

Can we hire our own DJ?
No. We have state of the art equipment which can only be used by one of our partner DJ’s. Please contact us for details. Wedding bands are welcome.

Why do we have to put all tables, chairs and benches back where we found them after our event? 

We ask you put everything back where you found it before departure. This does not take long if everyone in your group helps! If this is not done, we will have to hire external labor to do the work and we will pass the cost on to you.

Do you mandate a particular catering company?
No, see our list of partners.

Do you have a dance floor?
Yes, the dance floor is in the barn.

Will a Gite de Miserai representative be present throughout the evening?
No. But someone will be on call should you have any questions. 

Can we freely decorate the property?
Yes, however streamers, confetti and candles are prohibited as well as all installations leaving traces such as nails, screws, etc. Balloon/lantern releases are also strictly forbidden.

Is there access for the disabled?
Yes, you must enter through the main gate; we also have specially equipped toilets. Please let us know if you are expecting one or more persons with reduced mobility.

Can I use the hunt room / pool or exotic room for my reception?
No, these rooms are locked during receptions. You can use them any other time.

Do you have a catering kitchen?
We have a caterer’s tent as well as a room in the barn equipped with a large fridge. This room is not suitable for food preparation. You will need to be sure your caterer comes with their own equipment for cooking.

Is there a place where Food Trucks can plug in?
Yes, there are plugs beside the wedding tent. 

Can we prepare food on site for our event?
No. You must tell your caterer to come with their own equipment. Our kitchens and cooking equipment are only for the use of guests staying in the lodgings. They are of standard size and not suitable for cooking for large events. 

Can we hold a reception in the Chateau?
No. Receptions are strictly forbidden in the Chateau. For smaller holiday rentals, the chateau has a large dining room with a capacity of 28 people for your group to gather for meals.